What Type of Property Manager Are You?


Where will your dream house be located at?

What does your work desk look like at the moment?

If you were only allowed to have one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If you were to choose an animal as a pet, what would it be?

You are exhausted from working and was just given the chance to choose your dream vacation, where would you go?

If a tenant/landlord calls you up at 11pm, what would you do?

What design would you want your house to have?

What Type of Property Manager Are You?
The Do-It-All Ninja

You have a million things to do, and your inbox is on fire. You turn to no one for help because you are the only one who knows how to do your job. Your discipline, perseverance, and resilience have shaped you into a property manager who is brave and not afraid of life's challenges - a demanding landlord? 3AM maintenance requests? Weekend house tours? Bring it on! You are an indispensable asset to the agency. Surprise! That makes it tough for you to call in sick or take a vacation. Others sometimes call you the Lone Wolf as you are independent and you like to do things on your own to get things done - pronto! Multitasking level: Expert.
The Caregiver

You have a heart that cares for others. You are incredibly empathetic and cannot go on with your day without asking someone how they are doing. You are also known as the Friendly Neighborhood Property Manager. Your landlord's son's birthday party, opening night of your tenant's new club, your town's community auction event - name it! You are present at any occasion, be it grand or small. After all, forging genuine and lasting client relationships is your top priority. Way to go, Mr./Ms. Congeniality! Weakness: Wherever you go, your work goes. You just can't turn it off.
The Straight Shooter

As the name suggests, you are a tough, no-nonsense property manager. You have zero tolerance for meaningless jibber-jabber and office drama. You relentlessly filtered out what you considered dumb - awkward small talk, tenants chit-chatting about their new cars, pets, and babies and landlord's love of that special tree in the back yard that Aunty Mavis planted when they bought the block of land in 1942. Still everyone loves you because you get things done like no one else! The passion, intensity, and focus you brought to everyday work are reflected in your outstanding business performance.
The Legislator

You are always up-to-date on the latest property management laws. You won’t be argued with, and you can’t be reasoned with. We know, we know - you strongly believe leases are binding legal contracts. "No second chances!" you would often say. You can be stubborn and ruthless if others aren't willing to adhere to the agreement. You always keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and investigate rental complaints. You uphold policy and fine for violations. You are a force to be reckoned with as you are a legislation cop, an investigator, and a lawyer - all rolled into one iron-fisted property manager.
The Occupational Alcoholic

You work hard and party hard. You get your work done but enjoy a wine or two at the end of the day (and the occasional lunch time drink). You are the life of teh party and love to ensure your colleagues have fun too. You enjoy work social outings… But let's get real - most of your drinking is work-related. You drink to work and work to drink. And, when you're caught red-handed drinking on-the-job, your default response is: "I don't usually drink during work but when I do, it's because my landlords/tenants make me." Others misunderstood you as carefree. But really, you’re the sort of person who always has your work together, a sharp comeback, and several bottles of the good stuff. Words you live by: "Everyday is friday night!"
The Big Deal

You have been in this job for a long time. You are confident, depended on, and self-reliant. Because you've "been there, done that", your colleagues often find themselves coming to you for advice. You can't help it, you are the ultimate go-to person! You are also the one that all your co-workers look up to. And it's easy to see why; you possess all the qualities that make a great property manager. (In fact, you are frequently seen smiling to yourself when someone tries to do what you do.) So yeah, you're like the "It-Girl/Boy" in the office who is well-liked and respected at work. Rules don't necessarily work for you; they work around you. You may be intimidating at first but you're honestly the best team member anyone could ask for! Stay awesome!

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